A Word About Hosting Your Business WordPress Website

Not all hosting providers or service options are the same, there are a wide variety of Service Levels. The lowest level of pricing and Service Level in modern shared web hosting is intended for DIYers or hobbyist websites and does not offer the Service Levels necessary for the smooth and reliable operation of Business Class WordPress websites.

The value of Business Class Web Hosting to your organization is at the Service Level, not necessarily the technical specs of the Hosting Plan. You can think of it this way: What issues are your responsibility vs your hosting providers' responsibility to resolve?

We pride ourselves as web developers and web hosting service providers, in beating the market standard in actual value delivered. Our WDC Managed VPS w/WordPress Management Plan takes all the responsibilities and unexpected costs off your shoulders. 

We encourage you to dive deeper and take a look for yourself in the table below of the real value we deliver.

Compare Hosting Services

SiteGround Managed
Cloud Container
SiteGround Managed
Managed VPS
GoDaddy Managed
WDC Managed
VPS w/WordPress
WDC WordPress
Daily Backups
Fully Managed Servers -
WP Install Management
WordPress Admin Tasks
WP Hacker / Threat Guarantee
WP Level Remote Backups
WP Plugin Updates
WP Level Security Issues
WP Code Debugging / Fixing
Malware Removal
Dedicated VPS - - - -
SSL Included -
Dedicated IP -
Responsible for Server Up-time -
Responsible for WP Up-time
Business Clients Only
Email Services Included 100 1 -
Server Level Monitoring -
Domain & Site Monitoring
Price Per Month $100.00 $39.95 $199.98 $49.99 $45.00 $35.00

So what do all these Service Levels mean to website owners?

Daily Backups - Backups of the entire server environment for administrative use.
Fully Managed Servers - Requires no customer interaction to update, protect, and administer server operating systems.
WordPress Install Management  - Requires no customer interaction to update, protect, & administer the WordPress website.
WordPress Administration - Includes such tasks as resetting passwords, creating new users, checking/changing settings & Updates.
Tasks WP Hacker / Threat Guarantee - Covers 100% Labor required to fix and secure any hack of your WordPress website.
WP Level Remote Backups
- WordPress Backups are Archived off the server hosting the WordPress Install.
WP Plugin Updates
- Perform routine and regular updates of all Licensed Plugins in WordPress.
WP Level Security Issues -  Blocking bad IP/Users, scanning for altered files, blocking brute force attacks on WP.
WP Code Debugging / Fixing - Automatic updates can break your site, we will resolve the issue for you.
Malware Removal -  This is a threat most website owners are not aware of, if it happens we will fix it and secure it.
Dedicated VPS - This means your hosting services are Isolated from all other bad websites or compromised servers.  
SSL Included -HTTPS and all necessary SSL Certificates are included, to make you compliant with new standards. 
Dedicated IP - Dedicated IP for the server so your IP reputation is not compromised like in shared hosting environments. 
Responsible for Server Up-time - This means you don't have any responsibility to manage and administer the server.
Responsible for WP Up-time - This means you don't have any responsibility to keep WordPress up and working if it breaks.
Business Clients Only - All hosting customers must be established Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or 501(c) 
Email Services Included -You can have as many email accounts as you need, as long as the storage requirements for the accounts are enough in your provisioned VPS server. We also include in addition to the VPS spam protection an External SPAM Appliance to protect you from spam, viruses, and SPAM.
Server Level Monitoring - We watch the CPU, RAM, & DISK space and make sure the server is up.
Domain & Site Monitoring- We also watch the domain and the WordPress Site to make sure it is accessible.

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